Thank you for being a part of this campaign! The whole objective of this is to get people who don’t know my music to go to the custom website:  www.EnjoyYourHoliday.co - (website will go live on Sept. 3rd)

In order to get people to the website, we will hang up flyers around our cities! To make it interesting, I have made it an official contest. The winner will receive exclusive Zealyn merchandise (that you choose), signed posters, and a Skype session with me where I can sing any of my songs, and play you some new ones!


1. Go to your nearest print shop and print out this poster:

You can print as many as you would like. Ask for it to be printed on 11x17 sized paper. Please do not make any changes to the design or it will not count towards the contest. It should only be a few dollars per poster.

2. Hang up the flyers around your city and take photos of them once they're up! (bonus points if you’re in the photo too)

This contest is less about how many flyers you hang up, but more about the photo you take of the flyer. Put the posters in a place that represents you and your city well! Express yourself and be creative with where you hang up the flyers and the photos you take!

3. Post the photo on your socials with the hashtags #EnjoyYourHoliday and #Zealyn

Please include the hashtags to guarantee that I see your photo and know that you are a part of the contest.

4. On September 27th I will announce the winner(s)!

This campaign contest starts September 3rd and ends September 27th. I will pick a winner based on your creativity and overall interest in the campaign!

Please email Zealyn Email List with any questions about this contest and someone will reply as soon as possible. Most importantly, HAVE FUN with it! Be artistic and creative! I’m excited to see your photos!

 - Zealyn